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Adam and Eve after the Pill revisited

Adam and Eve after the Pill revisited

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Celebrated author Mary Eberstadt continues her ground-breaking examination of the legacy of the sexual revolution. The book's predecessor, Adam and Eve after the Pill (2012), dissected the revolution's microcosmic fallout via its empirical effects on the lives of men, women, and children. This follow-on book investigates the revolution's macrocosmic transformations in three spheres: society, politics, and Christianity. It also includes an analysis of the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision that overturned Roe v. Wade.

With unflinching logic, Eberstadt summarizes the toll on Western society of today's fractured homes, feral children, and social isolates. Empathetic yet precise, she connects the dots between shrinking, broken families and rising sexual confusion, seen most recently in transgenderism and related phenomena. The book also traces the dissolution of the home to signature developments in Western politics, especially the increase in acrimony, polarization, street violence, and identity politics. The result is an indictment of the turn taken by much of the world following the post-1960s embrace of contraception and the stigmatization of traditional morality.

The book's section on the revolution's infiltration of the churches is must-reading for anyone concerned about the fate of Western Christianity. In a moment when millions wonder whether the Catholic Church will retreat from age-old moral teachings, this book demands to be put at the center of discussion.

Adam and Eve after the Pill, Revisited is both an indispensable blueprint for today's emerging revisionism, and a manifesto for a more humane order to come.

Back to Virtue

Back to Virtue

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We have reduced all virtues to one: being nice. And, we measure Jesus by our standard instead of measuring our standard by Him. For the Christian, explains author Peter Kreeft, being virtuous is not a means to the end of pleasure, comfort and happiness. Virtue, he reminds us, is a word that means "manly strength." But how do we know when we are being meek--or just cowardly? When is our anger righteous--and when is it a sin? What is the difference between being virtuous--and merely ethical? Back to Virtue clears up these and countless other questions that beset Christians today. Kreeft not only summarizes scriptural and theological wisdom on leading a holy life, he contrasts Christian virtue with other ethical systems. He applies traditional moral theology to present-day dilemmas such as abortion and nuclear armament. Kreeft restores to us what was once common knowledge: the Seven Deadly Sins have an antidote in the Beatitudes. By setting up a close contrast between the two sets of behaviors, Kreeft offers proven guidance in the often bewildering process of discerning right from wrong as we move into the questionable mores of the twenty-first century. He provides a road map of virtue, a map for our earthly pilgrimage synthesized from the accumulated wisdom of centuries of Christians, from Paul and the early Church Fathers through C.S. Lewis.
A Church in Crisis: Pathways Forward

Church in Crisis: Pathways Forward

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Nearly forty years ago, Ralph Martin's bestselling A Crisis of Truth exposed the damaging trends in Catholic teaching and preaching that, combined with attacks from secular society, threatened the mission and life of the Catholic Church. While much has been done to counter false teaching over the last four decades, today the Church faces even more insidious threatsƒƒ‚ƒƒ‚‚‚ƒƒ‚‚ƒ‚‚"ƒƒ‚ƒƒ‚‚‚ƒƒ‚‚ƒ‚‚€ƒƒ‚ƒƒ‚‚‚ƒƒ‚‚ƒ‚‚"from outside and within.

In A Church in Crisis: Pathways Forward, Martin offers a detailed look at the growing hostility to the Catholic Church and its teaching. With copious evidence, Martin uncovers the forces working to undermine the Body of Christ and offers hope to those looking for clarity.

A Church in Crisis covers:

-polarization in the Church caused by ambiguous teachings

-initiatives that accommodate the culture without calling for conversion

-Vatican-sponsored partnerships with organizations that actively contradict the teaching of the Catholic Church

-and the recycling of theological errors long settled by V

How the Catholic Church Can Restore Our Culture

How the Catholic Church Can Restore Our Culture

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Former Prefect of the Papal Household Archbishop Georg Ganswein presents a stirring defense of Catholic theology, Church tradition, and the primacy of the Catholic Faith in his much-anticipated American book debut, How the Catholic Church Can Restore Our Culture.

As one of the most distinguished figures in the Catholic Church and the only man to have been in daily interaction with two popes simultaneously, Archbishop Ganswein presents an array of profound observations about the state of the Church and its likely future in an increasingly secular society. He offers a vigorous and convincing argument for the indispensability of the Catholic Church as a civilizing force in culture, and how she alone can, and must, serve as a bulwark against the growing cultural totalitarianism seizing the West.

How to Destroy Western Civilization

How to Destroy Western Civilization

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Best-selling author Peter Kreeft presents a series of brilliant essays about many of the issues that increasingly divide our Western civilization and culture. He states that "these essays are not new proposals or solutions to today's problems. They are old. They have been tried, and have worked. They have made people happy and good. That is what makes them so radical and so unusual today. The most uncommon thing today is common sense."

Kreeft presents relevant, philosophical data that can guide us, divided into 7 categories: epistemological, theological, metaphysical, anthropological, ethical, political, and historical. He then explores these categories with classic Kreeft insights, presenting 40 pithy points on how we can implement the data from these categories to help save civilization--and more importantly, save souls.

Loving God's Children The Church and Gendor Ideology

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The Catholic Church teaches beautiful lessons about human sexuality and our identity as sons and daughters of God, lessons that promote human flourishing. Yet gender activists and their allies in the government and in the media denounce the Church's message of love as harmful and hateful. How do Catholics respond to that criticism?

In this timely and incisive book, John Bursch helps explain what the Catholic Church teaches about the human person and why modern culture's embrace of "gender ideology" is not only wrong but terribly dangerous for parents and families, female athletes, medical professionals -- and especially those experiencing gender confusion. Drawing from Church documents and extensive scientific research, Bursch answers numerous questions that confront Catholics living in a culture that promotes gender fluidity. He covers a range of topics including how to approach the use of pronouns in the workplace, whether transgender individuals can receive the sacraments, and ways to accompany those struggling with gender confusion.

You will also learn:

  • What is the concept of objective truth and how to defend it
  • The Church's understanding of what it means to truly love another individual
  • Straightforward reasons to defend the Church's teaching on human sexuality
  • What scientific inquiry really says about gender ideology
  • The true meaning of human identity
  • How gender activists subvert the truth in culture and in the medical profession
  • How acceptance and affirmation of those who announce a gender identity different from their sex is not loving but harmful
  • Significantly, you will find ways to develop virtue and courage to withstand the rising persecution of those who promote and defend the Church's teachings and will learn how to respond to practical questions with factual information and authentic spiritual guidance from the pope and Catholic bishops.

    Primer on Fundamental Moral Theology

    Primer on Fundamental Moral Theology

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    Here is the book that shows you the road to happiness through the wisdom of St. Thomas Aquinas and Aristotle. It proves the relationship between the science of faith and human reason and how the truth will set you free in the hereafter and now.

    This book is invaluable for anyone who wants a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental principles of Catholic moral teaching. In these powerful pages, Fr. Mullady unpacks how the Church is called to help form the culture and not vice versa. He explains a spectrum of truths, from man's ultimate end, to the role of the will, to conscience and responsibility, to types of sins, virtues, and laws, and ultimately, to grace.

    Fr. Mullady soundly refutes relativism and explains the consistency in Church teachings using examples, such as Her teachings on birth control and capital punishment. He explains the connection between the intellect, the will, and the passions. He shows how moral teaching and theology must include a healthy respect for the law while encouraging interior formation in love, which the truth of the law seeks to foster.

    You will come to understand how authentic Catholic teaching applies to writings ranging from Karl Rahner's works to Pope Francis' Amoris Laetitia in light of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and St. John Paul II's Veritatis Splendor. From the sentimental morality in Hume's philosophy to the dutiful morality in Kant's, you will see how these philosophies led to errors in thinking from hedonism to voluntarism to rationalism.

    Moreover, you will learn about the correct understanding of the formation of passions and freedom and discover:

  • The "feet" of the soul (and how to use them!)
  • Two passions that aid in the attainment of a desired good
  • Four qualities of actions subject to moral responsibility
  • Aquinas's six arguments about what satisfies our intellect
  • The key truth denied in modern psychology that leads to immorality
  • Four reasons why human destiny cannot exist in exterior goods
  • Woke-Proof Your Life

    Woke-Proof Your Life

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    Americans are burned out, on edge, and nostalgic for the time before bullying progressives turned every aspect of our lives into a radical social cause. This book provides practical, woke-proof ways in which the silenced majority--which feels disoriented, if not overmatched--can finally stand up and restore America's values and culture. If you're emerging from the paralyzed slumber of the 24/7 doomsday news cycle, reflexive consumerism, and omnipresent identity politics, this book is for you.

    In a single century, America has moved from a rural, agricultural, family-centered society to one that is urban, corporate, and hyper-individualistic. Yet, despite all our technology and material wealth, we're left with higher rates of depression and greater alienation than our parents' or grandparents' generations ever experienced.

    We are awakening to the fact that we are up to our eyeballs in labels, pronouns, microaggressions, triggers, TikToks, and guilt trips. We have less free time, more debt, and more anxiety than ever before. We are being cowed, coerced, and canceled by tech giants, media conglomerates, and billion-dollar, multinational megacorps that are forcing us to support the progressive movements du jour. It's made us miserable, and we need a break.

    But how? Where do we go, and how exactly do we get our lives and freedom back? In an invigorating and highly relatable style, Teresa Mull explains:

  • The actual definition of woke (Brace yourself!)
  • How to avoid "toxic empathy" -- approving immoral behavior so you'll be liked
  • Six ways to be truly NORMAL (Non-woke Ordinary Rational Moral All-American Leaders)
  • Six major woke weapons to beware of and how to disarm them
  • Tips on growing in faith, educating children, and cultivating community
  • Three tenets to focus on when you feel trapped in the maze of woke culture
  • In an upbeat way, you will discover that you don't need to become a survivalist prepper, live off-grid, or learn to tan beaver pelts. Somewhere between Amish buggy rides and Pride parades, there's a healthy, middle-ground approach to regaining the good old days and providing yourself and your family with a wholesome, nurturing, faith-enriching lifestyle and future.

    Woke-Proof Your Life provides the blueprint that traditional-minded Americans are looking for to regain their peace of mind, health, and happiness and to reorient our country toward the bright future we envisioned before progressive radicals torpedoed our traditional culture with conflict, division, and confusion. Woke-Proof is brimming with simple, practical steps you can take to resist the pervasive, woke mob and reclaim your life with changes that will improve your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being -- all while benefiting the society and natural world we share.
    Filled with inspiring, first-person narratives and expert advice from the saints and secular sources,

    Woke-Proof Your Life makes winning the culture war as exciting and enjoyable as it is crucial to saving our civilization.