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Embraced by God Facing Chemotherapy with Faith

Embraced by God Facing Chemotherapy with Faith

Anyone who hears the dreaded word "chemotherapy" naturally experiences feelings of fear and apprehension. For Steve Givens that one word was the beginning of a new chapter in his life, one that would change him in profound ways. He believes that a brotherhood and sisterhood exists between those who have battled a chronic disease or undergone chemotherapy. They know one another's pain, numbness, and exhaustion. They smile at one another when they meet in the hallway or while blood is drawn because they can relate and because they know. And here he shares his story with "kin," those who, like him, have no choice but acceptance.

He still experiences times of pain, confusion, and sadness on his journey to wellness, but he also feels renewed and reborn spiritually. Here he reveals that he has chosen the way of faith and God because he knows of no other way that brings peace and gives him a reason to go on. He has opted to embrace his disease and its treatment--but not by himself alone. As he says, "My arms are not big enough or strong enough for the battle." He believes, however, that the arms of God are big enough to encircle both him and his disease.

This is a beautifully told story of struggle and pain, but ultimately of peace and acceptance, a wonderful resource for all who are facing chronic illlness and its treatment.

Givens, Steve
Publication Date: 
April 1, 2010
Twenty-Third Publications