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Small Surrenders A Lenten Journey

Small Surrenders A Lenten Journey

Griffin is a trustworthy guide . . . She writes with the unmistakable authenticity and authority of a woman steeped in prayer."
- America

Join Emilie Griffin in this daily companion for the Lenten journey. Using ancient and modern texts as inspiration for her own reflections, Emilie Griffin nurtures and guides us into a deeper knowledge of ourselves and God. We discover that Lent is our chance for a fresh start,
and an opportunity to joyfully put ourselves in God's hands.

Lent is a time when we deepen our faith in a journey not of grand gestures but of small surrenders.

We are converted not only once in our lives but many times, and the conversion is little by little
and often imperceptible. But Lent gives us a time to move the process along, intentionally,
by a series of small surrenders. When we choose some exercise for Lent-daily worship, daily prayer, abstinence from one thing or another,
it is not so much the practice that transforms us, but it is our willingness to change. -from Small Surrenders

Griffin, Emilie
Publication Date: 
January 1, 2007
Paraclete Press (MA)
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