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You Shall Stand Firm

You Shall Stand Firm
Working Desription: A general apostasy has plagued the last three generations. We've seen a widespread denial of faith, violent upheaval, the worldwide spread and acceptance of atheistic ideology, anti-Christian persecution, religious indifference, universal rejection of divinely revealed truth, sexual anarchy, abortion on demand, and now even the growing acceptance of infanticide. These and many other evils are indicative of humanity's rebellion against God. In His mercy, God has historically permitted such evils to exist in order to remind us of what we are created and called to be and to do as his children. God never ceases to call His children to faith, hope, charity, and especially to repentance. In this encouraging and hopeful book, Fr. William Casey guides us through such apostasy and how we can -- and should -- use it as a wake-up call in our own spiritual lives. He shows us how we can reflect upon the spiritual and moral state of our immortal souls and the course of our lives, and be humbled in our tendency to pride and self-reliance.
Casey Cpm Fr William
Publication Date: 
January 1, 2022
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